Social Media Management

Organic Growth Strategy & Implementation to increase brand awareness and engage with target audience.

Full Service Management including day-to-day management of Instagram account(s). Posts to feed up to 5x per week (and Facebook if needed) including Reels, static posts, carousels and graphics.

Story posts up to 5x per week which includes graphics made in Canva.

Community Engagement; Answering DMs, comments and daily engagement with target audience and current followers.

Caption Writing.

Hashtag Research & Implementation to every feed post.

Content Creation; creation of graphics for feed and stories, videoing editing for reels. If local, monthly content shoots which include product photography and videos that will be edited and used for posts and reels. If not local: quarterly content shoots. 

Analytics Tracking & Strategy; monthly analytic reports with strategy to see what’s working and what can be improved upon for the following month.

Content Creation

This is for businesses willing and able to post on their own but need an experienced content pro to create content for in-feed or story posts.

Custom content curation by editing photos to create a cohesive and consistent newsfeed.

Creating and editing reels for feed or stories.

Social Media VIP day

The VIP Day provides focused guidance from a social media professional, crafting a custom strategy in a short timeframe. Tailored to the client's goals, it equips you with essential skills and knowledge to manage your social media confidently. Armed with an actionable plan, clients can swiftly execute strategies, driving rapid progress in their social media endeavors.

Yes! We would love to photograph your products for website and social media content! 


If you opt for the full service social media management package, we will not only do that and I will also interact with your target market on a daily basis. This will ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of their minds, and that you are able to build a strong, lasting relationship with them.


We are a full service social media management company that can take all of that off your plate!

Do you do the scheduling and posting for me?

If you're looking for help growing your social media presence, we can provide monthly content for your profile(s) including taking photos. Even if we're not in the same area, we can chat about how to get the content we need.

do you come to my business to take photos?